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Friday, June 20, 2014


GOOD LUCK BABY GOOD LUCK TO YOU damnzxcxzcz so goodlooking ♥.♥
Class chalet on the 11 & 12 june @ Aloha Loyang weeheee. Had camp with Clarice before that so reached the chalet at night. Walked so much but ended up at the wrong chalet LOL. Then went to take the shuttle bus which states that it's leaving at 8.15pm. We were there at 8.10pm. We waited for quite some time and the guard told us the bus left at 8.05pm so the next bus will be an hour later. WALAO?! So we endedup taking cab sob money fly. When i reached there, WOAAAAAAAAAAH the chalet bloody big and shiok sia. I've been to downtown, coasta, hometeamns but not this so ya i abit suaku when i first saw it LOL. Living room, 4bedroom, and i think the best part is there's toilet for every room!?!?!? DAMN SHIOK HAHAHA. Played some games prepared by Debbie & Alyssa HAHAH quite fun ah and can see that they took a lot of effort to prepare it so thank you so much ^.^ Slept for only 30mins and when i wokeup it's time to go to mac for bfast LOL. felt much more awake when we came back from mac so we just keep chatting while some of them k.o on their bed.
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And here's Janzen the sleeping beauty who is the last to wake up from his nap HAHA. Left in the afternoon hehehe enjoyed myself with DBKF08 HUAT AH!

Went home first to put all my smelly clothes down. I sat on the bed. Then i lied down. Then i unintentionally fell asleep LOL. But heng i woke up automatically like 15mins before the meeting time??? Still late but at least not so late heh. Dinner with part of clique and passed Alee her bd present weehee happy birthday nigga *hugs*. Slept for 15hours and woke up at 4pm the next day. Shiok feeling weeheeee.
13th June - Birth of baby Elna YAY. She has really pretty dimples sia walao so jealous :-( After visiting my erjie..................
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BEDOK 85!!!!!!!! HAHA. FOOD YUMYUM. Bachoormee chickenwing stingray carrot cake oyster omelette.................. like everything there is so yummy. 

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and because it's father's day on the 15th, i attempted to make oreo cheesecake hehehe. not that bad la LOL 
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OHYA my qt fatty nephew Dylan and bro and dasao came back to SG on saturday when they're supposed to be back during October. They came back at such a last minute notice because the baby has no VISA LOL. My dasao's secretary told them that the baby dont need one but luckily they found out that they actually need one when they went to apply for some permit or sth in China for the baby. They came back to SG after 14days in China. If the baby were to stay there for more than 15days, he can't leave China. Unless................. idk. Very complicated but i just couldn't imagine HAHAHA china boy.

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SO YES HERE HE IS. ALL FAT AND GONG AND SWEATY HAHAHA. He don't need much support on his neck now which makes it so much easier to carry him heh and he seems to be able to recognise people eh. When i first saw him he was like staring at me with that ^^^^ face LOL. SO CUTE T.T T.T T.T

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Some pizza for you? Heh.

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gifts from my mom HAHA she very cute sia. everytime she shop and see some cute stuff she'll buy for me <3 p="">

Watched "The Fault In our Stars" with the usual 4 hehehe. Joey & Fangyo bought the tickets the previous day cause we kiasu but that's the way aha aha i like it aha aha. They bought the couple seats and when we went in...... wa all couple seats filled with real couples while four of us are like lesbians HAHAH. Honestly ah i would rate this 6/10 LOL. I didnt read the book but i believe it'll be much better. They just keep talking.... I really don't and can't understand how they fell in love with each other with the topics they talked about LOL.

From top left:
Dawn & Joey visited me at work / Movie with usual 4 / Dinner with part of clique
Evelyn's bd celebration @ Jenn's condo wooooo / SELFIE POD SO FUN HAHAHA / Collect Olevel cert & eating school food NOM HOKKIEN MEE SWEE
Last year's chalet heh / 5 people invaded SP and played pool HAHA.